Spear Film

A Weird, Wonderful Milestone of a Dance Movie

A movie which is redefining the way we perceive dance movies to be.

A Must-See Film About Indigenous Experience In Modern Australia

A film about an indigenous person who is trying to find his place through the art of dance which drives him to his roots.

Cast & Crew

The people who turned a simple script in the movie it is today.


Stephen Page


Justin Monjo, Stephen Page


John Harvey

Executive Producer

Robert Connolly


Simon Njoo


This is what the people have to say

"A movie which show human capacity and power like no other."
Virginia J. Wright
"I was not expecting what I saw, the movie is deeply captivating and can move you from within."
Alicia R. Light
A dancer requires a lot of training to look effortless, this movie shows the struggle of every dancer.
David C. Fudge


Spear is Stephen Page's First Full Length Feature Film.

A movie which has been raved for its way of story telling and the dance which can move a person from within.

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Top Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras of 2020

This is a form of security no one even can tell and even if they can they would not care except of course, they are the exact people you kept it there for.


Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

This is the exact description of quality and ability. It has great home security features and sometimes you have to wonder if all these are contained in such a small device. It has the ability to do video live streaming and not just any video live streaming but HD video live streaming and this streaming goes on for 24hrs hours all day long. The camera is also sophisticated in that you can see the full individual from just the small camera letting you identify any individual as well as other parts of the individual you need to observe. This Wi-Fi doorbell lets you see video coverage history of up to 3hrs.

This camera also have some other unique abilities but they are acquired when you pay for the premium usage of this device. They have the ability to store video every day in a cloud other than the usual storage. It also has the ability to recognize individual countenances.

RemoBell Wi-Fi Wireless Video Doorbell

This Wi-Fi doorbell camera is also a very nice one and is one to be considered if by any means you need to buy a Wi-Fi doorbell camera. The loudest feature of this gadget is that it doesn’t run on electricity and that means no more wires. Thus doorbell lets you avoid and not experience the problem of hardwiring the electric doorbell.

The gadget runs on a battery known as AA batteries. This would mean no unnecessary display of wires which makes the whole place look untidy. It features an application which is connected to a cell phone and it is connected from there. Utilizing the encased screws, you need to mount the gadget on a vertical surface.

Zmodo Greets Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The features you find in this Wi-Fi doorbell are only features you will find in really expensive doorbells. The makers are really awesome and it is a Wi-Fi doorbell you will be grateful you got. You can communicate with whoever is at the door from any part of the house without having to move an inch if you want. You can hear them, see them, communicate with them just from any part of the house. It features what is called a Zmodo beam as well as a shrewd hub. This shared associates with your Zmodo extras. These extras include window censors and counting entryway. It has a nice feature of giving you a message when someone clicks on your doorbell and this tells you someone is at the door. It works well at night and it also functions well in all weather. It features a jump on request access to live 720P HD Video. It also features customized voice message when you are not home so it tells whoever is visiting at that time that you are not home


August doorbell cam pro

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Reputation Management In Healthcare

Reputation management in Healthcare is a vital marketing plan that helps hospital and doctors optimize their internet presence and attract more and more patients. It means taking control of your brand and image. Reputation management is growingly vital in the medical sector. Online search outcomes and web reviews are now a base part of a physician or medical practice’s value. For better understanding about Reputation management in healthcare, ask yourself the following questions:

When prospective patients browse your practice and name online, what do they see? And what is their 1st impression?

So, Go to Google and search for yourself. You might be amazed by the outcomes…

When doctors hear the advertising buzz line, Reputation management, they tend to think about their internet reviews.

In reality, it is much more than Your Yelp, Google, Vitals, Health Grads or FACEBOOK internet reviews.

Reputation management Dr encapsulates their:

  • Internet reviews, profiles, and ratings
  • Authored articles
  • Their medical practice site
  • Presence across online physician directories

Reputation management is a really hot niche. The use of internet and social platform has exploded in recent times and several patients now trust on the online for healthcare provider recommendations. Several doctors used to only grown their patient base via word of mouth. This is no longer essentially true. Currently, more and more patients are being sourced from the web via paid ads, online reviews, organic search and internet physician directors.

The Benefits of Reputation Management for Doctors

The main goal of Reputation management is to optimize the doctor’s internet virtual footprint. And with an efficient healthcare Reputation management plan in place, Dr and medical practices will attract more and more patients, boost their practice profitability, and improve their patient fulfillment.

Why reputation management for healthcare is important?

Managing a doctor’s internet presence has never been more vital. After all, we live in a growing digital time as more and more patients turn to the web for healthcare recommendations. A doctor spends their careers developing their brand, reputation and collecting the respect of their community and professional peers.

As a physician, your web reputation takes years to make and a moment to ruin. Only 1 online review from a disgruntled patient can destroy your value, costing you money and patients. Unluckily, only one negative web review from a disgruntled patient can destroy this value. And when that value is demolished, others notice.

In some examples, an online review can be eliminated from the web if they violate certain instructions (Yelp, Google, Vitals, and Health Grades). Though normally, once a negative online review is posted, it stays there for years.

Hypothetically, if you had 25 online reviews, averaging 2.9 stars on Google, would you be so proud of those figures? Would you feel really comfortable posting those similar reviews and testimonials on your individual site? Probably not…

And a patient, would you truly feel comfortable getting managed on by a doctor with some subpar ratings and reviews?

If you want to know the importance of Reputation management in healthcare, consider the following facts:

Reputation Management in Healthcare -Facts

More and more patients are becoming savvy to the vital info that online reviews can contain. That’s why internet reviews play such a vital part of healthcare. For patients, reading an internet review can let know what to plan for, such as huge waits or exceptional behind matter. Check out the following info about how the patient interacts with web review to make a better decision about their healthcare:

  • Over 93 percent of patients said online reviews were either somewhat helpful or extremely useful in helping them make a final decision about a doctor or physician – University of Michigan School of Medical.
  • Over 88 percent rely on online reviews as much as individual recommendations – Survey of search engine Land Consumer
  • 79 percent of users place equal weight on both personal recommendation and online reviews especially for SEO purposes  – Review Survey of Bright Local Consumer Review
  • 73 percent of consumers say plus reviews make them really trust a business more. Bright Local
  • Over 62 percent of patients looking for new doctor utilize online review – Software Advice / Vitals
  • A single start boost in Yelp rating leads to a 5 to 9 percent boost in revenue – Harvard Business School research
  • Only ten percent of a patient actually leave reviews for their doctor or physician online – Software Advice
  • An only negative review can cost you over 30 clients – Convergys
  • Over 85 percent of doctors say that they proactively check internet reviews about themselves.

Can you sue a bar for negligence because of injuries sustained as a result of intoxication in Florida?

In 2018, one person was involved in a fatal collision every fifty minutes due to intoxication in Florida, which is approximately twenty-nine each day. There’s a major issue with statistics; lots of people are getting in their cars and driving impaired, in spite of being aware of the terrible consequences they might face.

This area is plugged with fatal clashes and DUIs, several stemming from the overserving which takes place in bars. So, can you sue a bar for negligence because of car accident injuries sustained as an outcome of intoxication?

Read on below to learn more about the lawful justification of suing bars.

Individual Obligation

The duty of reasonable care or the reasonable person standard describes our individual moral and lawful obligation to prevent injured others via recklessness or carelessness. This is the basis of entire negligence cases. Ethically and morally, service a client too much alcohol ads the responsibility on the bar’s side.


Because it is careless and irresponsible to let a person become highly intoxicated. We know what issues arise when somebody is heavily intoxicated, so it is the bar’s duty to avoid those happenings.

Dram Shop Law

Suing a bar because a driver got a DUI is no loophole and is not only an individual vendetta. This law indicates that it’s highly prohibited to serve alcohol to somebody who’s noticeably below the influence of alcohol.

If an intoxicated personally drives below the influence or causes a collision, they’d be held responsible for the acts, which we can all agree on. Furthermore, if the alcohol provider overserved, they can be held accountable by the matter, but only if there is proof.

The proof has been crystal clear, according to https://lsclawfirm.com convincing and fully explicit. Here’s what requires to be proved:

  • The bar served alcohol to the guy who caused the collision or received the DUI, and that person was noticeably intoxicated. This is taken exactly that in an Oregon case, it was concluded that it’s irrelevant if a guy’s alcohol level in blood exceeded the limit for a DUI case. The rule just needs that guy to be noticeably intoxicated.
  • The applicant didn’t contribute to the intoxication by distributing alcohol to the guy, encouraging the guy to buy or drink, or by expediting the intoxicated guy’s alcohol consumption.


On the other side, if a 3rd party was injured, there might be a strong case against the bar. If you have acquired a DUI or have been in a drinking-related accident, then you deserve the finest lawful presentation possible.

Some Really Good Australian Movies


Just the word “movie” screams Hollywood, and it always makes us think about so many masterpieces that are out there. All of those movies started out in the beautiful state of California, but very often we seem to forget that almost every country will have its own film industry and they will also be able to create some pretty great movies as well. Australia certainly does not fall behind in the list that would talk about countries that make great movies. It is also one of the more prominent countries when it comes to making movies, and in fact, some of the most popular Hollywood actors are actually from Australia themselves. Consider Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth.
In this article, I will be listing out some really good Aussie movies that are out there right now. All of these movies that I will list out have actually been rated very well by the audience that saw these movies. They are truly worth the watch, indeed.
• Mad Max, and I am talking about the one that was released in 1979. It is set in a dystopian future where humankind has extracted everything they could have extracted from planet Earth, and all that was left was a desert full of sand and nothing else. Well, what you can take away from the movie is a very possible scenario that could actually happen if we do not care for the planet. It could potentially turn into a wasteland indeed. The movie is old indeed, and the special effects are not exactly as good the latest Mad Max, but you should know the movie is great, and it is quite interesting.
• The Water Diviner is a film that has the world-famous Russel Crowe. It takes us back in time, right after the famous battle of Gallipoli. Crowe actually plays the role of a father who is grieving. He then goes to Turkey to scour the battlefield to find his sons who are missing. He just wants to find them dead or alive.
• Romper Stomper is one movie which will actually make you feel disgusted as to what people can become. This movie was well known because it tackles the Australian underground of the 80s and the 90s as well. This is when racism, homicides and even drug abuse were rampant in the country. It also shows what a human can become when there is absolutely no sense of accountability. It also tackles some taboo topics of the political scene that we are currently experiencing.
• Candy is another marvel of a movie which stars the late legend Heath Ledger where he plays the role of a poet.

This movie had some great actors, including Mark Beta who was originally a male stripper in Sydney before turning actor. Your Australian Channing Tatum.