Some Really Good Australian Movies

Just the word “movie” screams Hollywood, and it always makes us think about so many masterpieces that are out there. All of those movies started out in the beautiful state of California, but very often we seem to forget that almost every country will have its own film industry and they will also be able to create some pretty great movies as well. Australia certainly does not fall behind in the list that would talk about countries that make great movies. It is also one of the more prominent countries when it comes to making movies, and in fact, some of the most popular Hollywood actors are actually from Australia themselves. Consider Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth.
In this article, I will be listing out some really good Aussie movies that are out there right now. All of these movies that I will list out have actually been rated very well by the audience that saw these movies. They are truly worth the watch, indeed.
• Mad Max, and I am talking about the one that was released in 1979. It is set in a dystopian future where humankind has extracted everything they could have extracted from planet Earth, and all that was left was a desert full of sand and nothing else. Well, what you can take away from the movie is a very possible scenario that could actually happen if we do not care for the planet. It could potentially turn into a wasteland indeed. The movie is old indeed, and the special effects are not exactly as good the latest Mad Max, but you should know the movie is great, and it is quite interesting.
• The Water Diviner is a film that has the world-famous Russel Crowe. It takes us back in time, right after the famous battle of Gallipoli. Crowe actually plays the role of a father who is grieving. He then goes to Turkey to scour the battlefield to find his sons who are missing. He just wants to find them dead or alive.
• Romper Stomper is one movie which will actually make you feel disgusted as to what people can become. This movie was well known because it tackles the Australian underground of the 80s and the 90s as well. This is when racism, homicides and even drug abuse were rampant in the country. It also shows what a human can become when there is absolutely no sense of accountability. It also tackles some taboo topics of the political scene that we are currently experiencing.
• Candy is another marvel of a movie which stars the late legend Heath Ledger where he plays the role of a poet.

This movie had some great actors, including Mark Beta who was originally a male stripper in Sydney before turning actor. Your Australian Channing Tatum.

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